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FUBO is your source for Quality machine tools, you have found you perfect partner for you business.With large products line to choose from you are assured to get the best products for your application. Our sales volumes allow us to have a large inventory and we are able to offer you very competitive price .In addition to our FUBO tools we offer supporting products from manufacturers such as,SANDVIK,SECO,TAEGUTEC,Sumitomo,Korloy,ZCCCT,Tungaloy,OSG,YAMAWA,MITSUBISHI... [More]
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Name: Verus
Tel: +86-15292171386
E-mail: info@fubotool.com
Add: Changjiang Road, Tianyuan District, Zhuzhou City, Hunan Province P.R.China.
Skype: verus.luo info@fubotool.com